How Data Can Turn Facility Managers into Energy Heroes

From business to baseball, data is in vogue.

In his best-selling book Moneyball, Michael Lewis examined the signing and management of players through advanced data analysis and the consideration of new ways of looking at data. This approach has now become widely adopted by baseball and other sports. Back in the business world, a similar data driven transformation is taking place. While most business managers don’t share the same public scrutiny as their baseball counterparts, the need for granular data analysis and informed decision-making extends beyond the playing field and into America’s businesses.

While baseball managers are judged by wins and losses, business managers are ultimately judged on their impact of the bottom line. To help both groups meet their goals, technology can now analyze and present actionable data in a way that can positively impact performance. When used correctly, this data either gives a team the best chance to win every day, or helps an organization reach its goals.

But when it comes to energy management, we have seen first-hand that facility managers are currently at a disadvantage. Without a comprehensive and real-time view into energy consumption, it is difficult, if not impossible, to manage an organization’s energy use. This situation only gets harder when multiple facilities and limited resources are added into the mix.

To address this challenge and help facility managers win in their organizations, today we launched Comverge Energy Navigator. By providing one-click access to accurate and comprehensive assessments of energy consumption across facilities, Energy Navigator levels the playing field. It offers a range of capabilities that help facility managers perform in-depth analysis of energy usage so that they can drive down energy costs and support sustainability initiatives. Energy Navigator can also help transform how you think about energy spend. As with this new data, you can use energy to generate new revenue sources by maximizing participation in a broad range of demand response programs.

To go back to baseball, Energy Navigator is the difference between baseball managers utilizing simple data such as “Pitcher A throws the best curveball” and instead leveraging insights like “Pitcher B has gotten 23 of a possible 24 outs with runners in scoring position when the team is leading in the 8th inning.”

As we continue to work closely with our commercial and industrial customers across almost every industry, Energy Navigator will give us another tool to help them make the best possible energy management choices. If you know of anyone who could benefit from Energy Navigator or would like to learn more, please do let us know.

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