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Demand Response and IoT: Using Data to Maximize Customer Benefit

Prior to the deployment of two-way devices for its demand response programs, Comverge’s utility clients conducted demand response (DR) control events using paging infrastructure to send one-way messages to control devices.  These devices, connected to appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, and pool pumps, gave the utility the needed load curtailment, but provided little... Read More


A Month after the Election – What is the Future for Clean Technology and Demand-Side Management?

It’s December, a month after the election and the dust has settled on the control and direction of the federal government for the next four years. Though Trump hasn’t laid out a concrete energy plan, we have a better idea of policies he’ll pursue and their consequences. Right off the bat, Trump’s appointment of Oklahoma... Read More


An Inside Look at Preparing a Demand Response Management System to Control High Volumes of Two-Way Communicating Devices – Part III

Make sure you’ve read Part 1 on how two-way devices impact performance and Part 2 on setting up the test environment. Executing tests With our test steps defined, test data created, and device simulators implemented we could begin our actual testing. We began by building an automated script to repeatedly and consistently execute our test... Read More


An Inside Look at Preparing a Demand Response Management System to Control High Volumes of Two-Way Communicating Devices – Part II

Make sure you’ve read Part 1 on how two-way devices impact performance and our approach for determining what to test. Setting up testing data The second question we asked was “how do we setup our data?” This is a very important question. It is drastically different to test 100,000 devices all in a single load... Read More


An Inside Look at Preparing a Demand Response Management System to Control High Volumes of Two-Way Communicating Devices – Part I

Introduction The emergence of two-way controllable devices has opened up a wealth of possibilities for utilities and their customers. It has enabled customers to adjust the temperature of their home from thousands of miles away while giving utilities precise forecasting of demand response capacity. It has also brought technological challenges to vendors communicating with thousands... Read More


White Paper: Residential Demand Charges – New Opportunity for Demand Response and Customer Engagement

Utility energy rates are not generally a topic that stimulates much discussion, but times have changed and electric rate design is now all over the news. With load growth slowing, energy efficiency expanding and distributed resources like solar growing in popularity, utilities are looking for revenue mechanisms that are not tied solely to the volume of energy... Read More


Cybersecurity Threat Reduction Through Vulnerability Research

As I outlined in my first blog post, Comverge’s cybersecurity approach is based on a Defense in Depth strategy that includes a security-aware systems development life cycle (SDLC) that promotes threat reduction through vulnerability research. As part of Comverge’s ongoing commitment to ensure the security and integrity of our DirectLink load control switches and smart thermostats... Read More


A Look Back at the PLMA Spring Conference: It’s Getting Better All the Time

PLMA Spring
The Peak Load Management Alliance is an organization that has completely transformed itself over the last three years. As noted in its recent press release, membership in the 17 year old organization recently hit 100, which is 50 more members than three years ago.  Think about that, an organization that took 14 years to get... Read More


How Comverge is Using Machine Learning to Improve Demand Response Forecasts

Feb 18, 2016 The utility industry, like many industries, is currently undergoing a data revolution. Metering infrastructure is dramatically improving, data storage costs are plummeting, and computing power is still following Moore’s famous law of exponential improvement; yet many utilities are unable or unsure about how to take advantage this flood of modern-day gold. At Comverge, we are tackling ways to turn this... Read More


2015: A Banner Year for Comverge

We issued a press release this week announcing that Comverge helped our utility clients avoid more than 30 gigawatt hours of energy use during their grids’ most congested hours. We did this by dispatching 9.4 million control events that automatically cycled off high energy use appliances (ex  air conditioner or water heater) for residential and... Read More


Webinar Recap: Engaging the Small to Mid-Sized Business Is a (Worthwhile) Challenge

Our eighth and final webinar of 2015 aired live yesterday and was one of our best of the year thanks to its dynamic presenters and pertinent subject matter. Our guest speaker and client, Susan Marinelli, works on Pepco’s mass-market demand response programs and is closely familiar with the challenges and opportunities in the unique small... Read More


PLMA Fall Conference Recap: Charting the Continued Evolution of Demand Response

Comverge recently completed a very successful trip to the 16th PLMA Fall Conference, which took place in Charlotte, NC November 2-4. Charlotte is a brisk three hour drive from our headquarters in Norcross, so I decided to save the company a few dollars on airfare and drive. Bad decision. Ninety minutes into the trip, traffic... Read More


Making Energy Even Better: Announcing Our Partnership with Apogee

PicMonkey Collage 700
Comverge’s brand tagline is a concept we’re committed to in everything we do: Energy made better. Today marks another exciting step forward in that mission as we announce that we have partnered with Apogee Interactive, Inc., the industry leader in customer engagement and energy analysis software serving more than 650 US utilities. We’re thrilled to... Read More