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PLMA Fall Conference Recap: Charting the Continued Evolution of Demand Response

Comverge recently completed a very successful trip to the 16th PLMA Fall Conference, which took place in Charlotte, NC November 2-4. Charlotte is a brisk three hour drive from our headquarters in Norcross, so I decided to save the company a few dollars on airfare and drive. Bad decision. Ninety minutes into the trip, traffic... Read More


Making Energy Even Better: Announcing Our Partnership with Apogee

PicMonkey Collage 700
Comverge’s brand tagline is a concept we’re committed to in everything we do: Energy made better. Today marks another exciting step forward in that mission as we announce that we have partnered with Apogee Interactive, Inc., the industry leader in customer engagement and energy analysis software serving more than 650 US utilities. We’re thrilled to... Read More


Demand Management Trends and Myths at the E Source Forum 2015

Myths 500
Earlier this month, Comverge exhibited for the first time at the E Source Forum, an annual event that brings together more than 500 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers around the topic of demand management. The event took place in Denver, Colorado, the home of Comverge’s second largest office and where most of... Read More


Strategizing the Role of Bring Your Own Device in Your Demand Management Program: Webinar Recap

Utility of the Future
In May we hosted our first webinar on the trend of bring your own device (BYOD). Our experts, including Comverge co-founder and Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy John Rossi and Vice President of Product Management Chris Ash discussed how utilities can fairly value third-party devices, use the BYOD model to harness energy efficiency and... Read More


A Defense in Depth Strategy for Cybersecurity

Defense in Depth
Cybersecurity is one of top issues keeping electric utility executives up at night — and for good reason. What comprises effective cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is based on the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality is the concealment of information or resources. Integrity refers to the trustworthiness of data or resources. And availability is the ability... Read More


Innovation to Best Practice: Is the Regulatory Model Shifting?

Change Ahead
It’s an exciting time to be joining the Comverge team as the leader of our regulatory program. It’s clear that we are moving towards a more dynamic, and complicated, two-way grid. Consumers are becoming more engaged, both from becoming electricity producers in their own right or having other demand-side resources at their fingertips. Generation will... Read More


You’re Invited! Introducing the Comverge Demand Innovation Conference 2016

If you joined us in New Orleans or St. Petersburg, FL for any of the past three annual Comverge conferences, you probably don’t need much convincing to mark your calendar for October 12-14, 2016, the dates of Comverge’s next gathering. As with our past events which all earned 100% participant satisfaction, we’re determined to make... Read More


Webinar Recap: How to Implement a Successful Price-Based Demand Response Program for Residential Customers

Price-Based DR 340
Summer is over and Comverge webinars are back in session. We kick-started our busy fall webinar program this week with a presentation from our Associate Director of Corporate Strategy, Evan Pittman, and client David Eggart, Energy Efficiency Supervisor at Gulf Power Company, centered on a timely topic: Price-based demand response. As Gulf Power knew when... Read More


Second Edition eBook: Getting More Out of Demand Management: Integrating Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

DR EE eBook Second Edition Cover
When I shared the first edition of my eBook, Getting More Out of Demand Management: Integrating Demand Response and Energy Efficiency, in January, our industry was awakening to the conversation around the benefits of bringing these mutually-reinforcing initiatives together. It’s now rare to go more than a week or two without seeing the model discussed... Read More


Meet a Comverge Employee: Patty Walton

Patty Walton
When St. Petersburg-based Senior Project Manager Patty Walton isn’t tracking plans and deliverables for Duke Energy Florida’s next-generation demand response program, she’s out enjoying all that Florida’s Gulf Coast has to offer—including dolphin sightings and buried treasure. What is your professional background? I started my professional career with the company that made the first non-regulated... Read More


Price-Based Demand Response Is Here to Stay (New Webinar!)

Energy Select
Our industry has been talking for years about restructuring rates so that consumers pay different prices for electricity at different times of the day based on system conditions. Referred to as dynamic pricing, time-varying pricing, time-based rates, or any number of other terminology variations we’ve all heard and repeated, this is fundamentally a common-sense solution... Read More


Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and the Clean Power Plan

carbon emissions
Last week, President Obama released the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan, which he described as “the biggest step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.” In the announcement speech on August 3, Obama went on to finger power plants as the “single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change.”... Read More


Meet a Comverge Intern: Zach Langer

Zach Langer Comverge
While so many his age have spent their summers surfing the internet, high school senior Zach Langer has been hard at work making demand management for electric utilities a little easier. During an internship at Comverge Denver, he’s dived into integrating software development technologies like Rails, Jenkins, and Docker. As the summer winds to an... Read More