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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 30, 2015

Snow cityscape
Summary: Blizzard Juno and demand response; DistribuTECH 2015; APS achieved excellence in customer service; The future of the electric utility; California’s new energy plan; Customer trust is essential to engagement Our own Wendell Miyaji discussed the relationship between this week’s Blizzard Juno forecast and demand response We announced what we and our clients will be... Read More

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A Parable about Decision Theory

Earlier this week, I came back in from pushing snow around. It wasn’t as advertised, at least in Chester, New Jersey. On the driveway there was probably two inches of snow. (Though saying this probably understates a sophisticated snow measurement as residual road salt melts some of the snow and some of the light snow... Read More


Meet the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference Speaking Lineup

We’re thrilled to be returning to sunny St. Petersburg, Florida on April 8-10 for the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference, but we’re just as excited to introduce you to our impressive lineup of speakers. From utility leaders to industry professionals, we’re bringing you the best of the best. At this year’s event we have an agenda... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 23, 2015

Green energy in the home vector on white background
Summary: Homeowners concerned about energy efficiency; Utilities tackle cybersecurity; A look at California’s energy plan; Utilities and big data; Bloomberg’s clean energy fund; Toxic releases from utilities down by half A new survey from the Demand Institute found that energy efficiency was the number one housing concern for homeowners Utility Dive reported that utilities are... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 16, 2015

Old Way, New Way
Summary: Comverge to deploy 400,000 two-way devices; The benefits of innovative communications devices; 2015 to be the year of demand response; Utilities need to shift to demand management; Demand response integration in New England; New opportunities in energy efficiency This week we announced we would be deploying 400,000 new two-way communication devices to utilities around... Read More

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An Open Dialogue: The Benefits of Two-Way Communication in Demand Response Programs

Customer Is King Chalk Illustration
As consumers, we are all becoming more engaged in our energy management and as a result, electric utilities are increasingly looking for ways to maintain an ongoing dialogue with us. And one of the best ways for utilities to achieve this within an energy management initiative – such as a demand response program – is... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 9, 2015

Clean Energy
Summary: Technology you can rely on; Gov. Jerry Brown turns to renewables; EDF looks back on 2014; Americans support renewables; PG&E and BMW partner on DR pilot; How DR can help customers Our own Steve Hambric explained why the pay-for-performance model for demand response programs works California Mayor Jerry Brown upped the ante on California’s... Read More

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Technologies You Can Rely On: The Importance of a Pay-for-Performance Approach to Demand Response

Results, Written On A Blackboard.
Last year, I wrote a blog post highlighting the differences between demand response (DR) and home energy reporting, and how to deliver real value to demand response owners and participants. Real and sustained value is top of mind for me as we work with several utilities on pay-per-performance demand response opportunities.   In order for utilities... Read More

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Onwards and Upwards: Looking Back at 2014 and Forward to 2015

2014 was an exciting year for the demand management industry: utilities continued to work with energy management providers to help create a smarter power grid; the Polar Vortex tested the mettle of that grid and demand response helped ensure the lights stayed on; and new legislation such as President Obama’s climate plan will have a... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: December 19, 2014

Ecology concept with electric plug
Summary: Pepco Holdings Inc. success story; Embracing residential demand response; FERC Order 745 and the future of demand response; Smart home devices on the rise; 2014 year in review; Massachusetts’ energy efficiency programs Pepco Holdings Inc. has enrolled 360,000 customers in its Energy Wise Rewards program since partnering with us in 2009 Our own Evan... Read More

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Now is the Time for REPs to Embrace Residential Demand Response

Social engineering concept  x
Utilities have been implementing residential demand response (DR) programs and enjoying the attendant benefits for decades. But, to date, residential demand response programs have not been widely deployed by competitive retail electric providers (REPs). However, changing market rules and consumer preferences suggest that now is the time for that to change. In areas with retail... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: December 12, 2014

Word Cloud with Customer Engagement related tags
Summary: Welcoming Art Beckman; Meet Julie Prince; Boosting customer engagement; Residential energy management growth; Utilities prep for bigger storms; FERC 745 returns to center stage This week, we announced the addition of our new Chief Information & Technology Officer, Art Beckman Meet Comverge employee Julie Prince, who leads our Program Support team Utility Dive and... Read More

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Meet a Comverge Employee: Julie Prince

Julie Prince
Welcome to the third installment of Meet a Comverge Employee. Today we head to Comverge’s metro Atlanta office to sit down with Julie Prince, Program Support Manager. What is your professional background?  Most of my early career was spent in some sort of customer service role, whether inside sales or customer support. I then moved... Read More