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The Top Line on Energy Management: February 27, 2015

Free Street To Success In Future
Summary: Congratulations to our clients; How much does a power outage cost?; Desire for more energy research; Demand response to save billions of dollars; The influence of renewables We congratulated our clients on their successes in energy management Utility Dive examined what a power outage costs the average energy customer FierceEnergy reported on the American... Read More

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And the Award Goes to…

With the recent highly successful DistribuTECH event and our upcoming Comverge Utility Conference, 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. And in light of last night’s Academy Awards, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some great accomplishments our clients have achieved. We take immense pride in being able to work... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: February 20, 2015

Advocacy Concept.
Summary: Advocacy groups fight for FERC Order 745; Utility priorities for 2015; Electric vehicles potentially bring in $2.9 billon; New York State energy competition; Security and the smart grid Utility Dive reported that multiple consumer and environmental advocacy groups are urging the Supreme Court to consider appealing the U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision to overturn... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: February 13, 2015

San Diego from Ferry Landing in Coronado
Summary: Our week at DistribuTECH; Our upcoming session at the Smart Energy Summit; A summary of our webinar on integrating DR with EE; Comverge’s Howard Ng shares DR communications insights in Electricity Today; Utilities predict the future of their revenue We reflected back about how we spent our week at DistribuTECH 2015 Next week our... Read More

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Comverge Makes a Splash at DistribuTECH 2015

2015 started off with a bang as we jumped right into the annual DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, which is our industry’s largest event. The conference was an incredible success, with Comverge and our clients well represented throughout the event as well as on the exhibition floor. The week got off to a... Read More

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Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Integrating Residential Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Programs (+ A New eBook!)

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We recently kicked off our 2015 webinar series with a presentation led by Steve Hambric, our VP of Strategic Sales & Operations, and Pravin Bhagat, our VP of Marketing. During the webinar they discussed best practices for integrating demand response and energy efficiency programs, and highlighted the benefits of an integrated approach for both customers... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: February 6, 2015

DTECH 2015
Summary: DistribuTECH 2015; Congratulations to Pepco Holdings Inc.; Extended partnership with Entergy Arkansas; The future of the energy mix; The rise of smart utilities We spent the week in San Diego at DistribuTECH 2015; read about what we were up to in our latest blog post We congratulated our customer, Pepco Holdings Inc., on winning... Read More

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Kicking Off the New Year at DistribuTECH 2015

We participate in a wide range of industry events, but DistribuTECH (DTECH) is always one that we especially look forward to. It is the largest U.S. event covering the utility industry from end-to-end, and this year’s edition is set to host 10,000 attendees and more than 480 exhibitors. The conference takes place at the San... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 30, 2015

Snow cityscape
Summary: Blizzard Juno and demand response; DistribuTECH 2015; APS achieved excellence in customer service; The future of the electric utility; California’s new energy plan; Customer trust is essential to engagement Our own Wendell Miyaji discussed the relationship between this week’s Blizzard Juno forecast and demand response We announced what we and our clients will be... Read More

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A Parable about Decision Theory

Earlier this week, I came back in from pushing snow around. It wasn’t as advertised, at least in Chester, New Jersey. On the driveway there was probably two inches of snow. (Though saying this probably understates a sophisticated snow measurement as residual road salt melts some of the snow and some of the light snow... Read More


Meet the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference Speaking Lineup

We’re thrilled to be returning to sunny St. Petersburg, Florida on April 8-10 for the 2015 Comverge Utility Conference, but we’re just as excited to introduce you to our impressive lineup of speakers. From utility leaders to industry professionals, we’re bringing you the best of the best. At this year’s event we have an agenda... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 23, 2015

Green energy in the home vector on white background
Summary: Homeowners concerned about energy efficiency; Utilities tackle cybersecurity; A look at California’s energy plan; Utilities and big data; Bloomberg’s clean energy fund; Toxic releases from utilities down by half A new survey from the Demand Institute found that energy efficiency was the number one housing concern for homeowners Utility Dive reported that utilities are... Read More

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The Top Line on Energy Management: January 16, 2015

Old Way, New Way
Summary: Comverge to deploy 400,000 two-way devices; The benefits of innovative communications devices; 2015 to be the year of demand response; Utilities need to shift to demand management; Demand response integration in New England; New opportunities in energy efficiency This week we announced we would be deploying 400,000 new two-way communication devices to utilities around... Read More

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