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Comverge Ranked Number One Demand Response Provider by Navigant Research

Navigant Research DR Leaderboard 2015
This week, Navigant Research issued a new report entitled “Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Demand Response” that assessed 13 leading demand response providers on strategy and execution. Evaluations were based on ten criteria, including vision, go-to-market strategy, partners, technology, geographic reach; sales, marketing, and distribution; product performance, product portfolio, pricing, and staying power. We couldn’t be... Read More


Time to Get Your Customers Digitally Engaged

Comverge Portal
Six minutes per year. You’ve seen the figure quoted in PowerPoint presentations and news stories, and heard it mentioned in conversations at conferences. It’s the amount of time, according to a 2010 Accenture study, that the average person spends thinking about their energy use. Updated by Accenture to nine minutes after their 2012 study, it’s... Read More


BYOD Comes to New York

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We’ve shared lots of insight on this blog about the emerging trend of bring your own device (BYOD) demand response programs. BYOD allows utilities to harness the load reduction potential of connected devices in the home that customers have purchased—and customers typically see financial rewards for their participation that help offset the cost of the... Read More


Webinar Recap: How to Deliver a World-Class Demand Management Program: Lessons from the Field

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As we head into a brief summer hiatus, we’re reflecting back on what’s been a very busy year of webinars. Over the past six months Comverge experts have shared their insights on everything from integrating demand response and energy efficiency to designing programs for success and incorporating bring your own device to reduce program costs.... Read More


Another Industry Accolade for Gulf Power’s Energy Select Dynamic Pricing Program

Last night at the Smart Grid Customer Education Symposium in Chicago, Gulf Power took home another industry award for their Energy Select dynamic pricing program. The Smart Grid Customer Education Awards are presented annually at the symposium by SmartEnergy IP™ to utilities that demonstrate excellence in smart grid education and make a positive impact on... Read More


Webinar Recap: Managing Complexity in the Integration of Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

People Process Technology
Demand management is something we’ve been studying for years at Comverge. So when we see an opportunity for utilities to do demand management better and get even more return on their investment, we want to spread the word. It was in this spirit that we this week continued our series of webinars focused on a... Read More


A Look Back at the 2015 National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid

NTM 2015
Last week, we visited our nation’s capital to attend the National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid, hosted annually by the Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid. The event is focused on the business and policy aspects of demand response and its enabling technologies and applications. Comverge is a Gold sponsor of... Read More


Demand Response Communications Resource Roundup

In 2013, our Vice President of Technical Sales, Howard Ng, began sharing his insights into the different communications options for demand response programs. In November of that year, he wrote an article on this blog about the pros and cons of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for demand response. That article became a series, which last... Read More


Webinar Recap: What Utilities Should Know about Bring Your Own Device Demand Response Programs

It’s a new trend, but it’s here to stay. If they don’t act, utilities can get pushed off their own turf, and if they do act, they can not only keep their turf but reach unforeseen levels of engagement with their customers. All said, it’s a strategic opportunity that demands a strategic answer. If you... Read More


Our Top Takeaway from the 26th Retail Energy Executive Forum

Last week, Comverge’s Vice President of Strategic Sales and Operations, Steve Hambric, Vice President of Regulatory Strategy, Frank Lacey, and I attended DNV GL’s 26th Retail Energy Executive Forum (REEF) in scenic Charleston, South Carolina. For years the REEF has been the premier annual conference for retail electric providers (REPs), and with over 300 attendees... Read More


Cooling Season is Starting Up. Here’s How We Prepare Year-Round

The weather is warming up, swimming pools are opening their gates, and my kids are giving me daily updates on how many days there are left of school, which can only mean one thing: It’s demand response cooling season. As the manager of Comverge’s Network Operations Center (NOC), it’s the time I prepare for all... Read More


PLMA Spring Conference Recap + A New Infographic!

Last week, Comverge attended the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) Spring Conference in Tucson, Arizona, home of the Arizona Wildcats, and, according to the welcome remarks of Denise Smith from Tucson Electric Power, several forms of indigenous wildlife including the javelina. I never encountered any of these creatures on my runs through the mountains, but... Read More


Big Wins for Comverge and PHI on Day One at the PLMA Spring Conference

We’re nearing the end of day one here at the 16th Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) Spring Conference here in Tucson, and it’s been an exciting one for Comverge. Each year the PLMA acknowledges industry leaders who create innovative ideas, methods, programs and technologies that meet peak load needs, respond to variable generation, manage end... Read More